Searching for Volunteers for the Grab-a-Coffee Program: Summer 2024

Alex Gwynn is a Black woman with black hair and brown eyes. She is wearing a red and white shirt, black glasses, and dark jacket.Will, a white man with brown hair, wears a white shirt, blue and yellow striped tie, and black suit.Matt, a white man with brown hair, wears a pale blue shirt, grey suit, and mint green tie.By Alex Gwynn, Matt Meinel and Will Robertson

Do you have time to grab a cup of coffee? Instead of taking this one to go, how about spending thirty meaningful minutes with a future lawyer?

A half hour of your time is all we need to make this program a success! We are seeking attorney volunteers to connect with a law student and pass on the valuable insights you have about succeeding in law school and entering the practice of law. If you would like to volunteer, please fill out this attorney sign-up form (law students can sign up with this student sign-up form). If you have signed up during a previous GaC session, you will need to sign up again.

GaC is a statewide program that pairs law students with practicing attorneys based on their practice area(s) of interest. Discussion topics may include:

  • what it is like to practice in your current area of law;
  • the path you took to get where you are; and
  • general advice on law school or the first year in practice.

The program is meant to be an informal, one-time, thirty-minute meeting. Attorneys and students have the option of meeting virtually or in person.

Sign-ups close on May 24. Volunteers will be notified by email with more information once they are paired with a law student.

To learn more about the Grab-a-Coffee program, check out this blog post and short YouTube video from prior participants in the program.

We look forward to a successful fall of networking!

Alex Gwynn and Will Robertson serve as co-chairs of the NCBA YLD Law Student Outreach Committee. Matt Meinel serves as the administrator of the NCBA Grab-a-Coffee Program.