Additional Updates in Light of COVID-19

By Eleasa Allen

Below are the most recent updates issued by the North Carolina Industrial Commission on its website in response to the ongoing concerns over COVID-19:

IC Staff Working Remotely; Email Communication Encouraged

In light of Governor Cooper’s March 10, 2020 State of Emergency declaration regarding COVID-19 and consistent with guidance issued by the NC Department of Human Resources, the Industrial Commission is encouraging its staff to work remotely to the greatest extent possible. The Commission remains open for business but encourages you to contact Commission staff by email instead of by phone. Commission employees working remotely have easy and quick access to their email inbox on their laptops and other devices. By contrast, they do not have real time access to office phone calls when working remotely, and their voicemail messages are not forwarded to their personal phones. Email addresses can be found by going under the “Sections” tab on the Commission’s Home Page and clicking on the appropriate section of the Commission. The Commission is committed to continuing to serve you during this challenging time and appreciates your understanding and assistance.

COVID-19 Mediation Policy Revision: Parties Must Appear Remotely for Mediations Conducted Prior to April 13, 2020

Consistent with Chief Justice Beasley’s emergency directive and in light of new guidance from the NC Dispute Resolution Commission, all mediations held in Industrial Commission cases prior to April 13, 2020 shall be conducted with all parties appearing remotely or, in the alternative, be rescheduled for a date on or after April 13, 2020.

How to Contact the Claims Section and Information Specialists During COVID-19 State of Emergency
Claims Section
If you need to reach a member of the Claims Section, please email your inquiry to [email protected]. If you do not have access to email, please call 919-716-1734 and leave a detailed message.

Information Specialists
If you need to reach an Information Specialist, please email your inquiry to [email protected]. If you do not have access to email, please call 919-716-1727 and leave a detailed message.

As additional updates are issued by the Commission, we will be sure to pass them along.  You can also periodically check the “News and Announcement” Section of the Industrial Commission website for up-to-date information.

During this time, I would also encourage all Section members to be considerate of opposing counsel and parties.  When possible, please show patience, grace and understanding, as we are all experiencing these events differently and may be facing varied challenges.

I hope all our members, as well as their co-workers, staff and families, stay well and healthy.

Eleasa Allen