Zoom Update Offers a New Feature

By Ketan P. Soni

If you do any type of Zoom meetings with multiple people on a regular basis, go do an update right now. Why? There is a new feature that allows you to move the video tiles in whatever configuration you want.

This doesn’t seem groundbreaking, but it is. To improve your Zoom meetings, you can now move the video tile of the person you’re speaking to right below your video camera. If you do this, it will appear as if you are talking directly to the person, instead of looking “to the side.”

I’ve done countless Zoom meetings since March, and one of the major irritants is if someone is looking “down,” or “to the left,” or “to the right” in a meeting. The other person isn’t doing that on purpose, but they are talking to a video tile in an inconvenient place!

Try this and report back on how it goes. Zoom away, folks!