Getting Out Of My Comfort Zone


By Kimberly M. Johnson

My first attempt at leaping into the unknown was when I switched careers from meeting deadlines for one editor to meeting deadlines for an attorney, a clerk and a client. My organizational and writing skills were the pillars that held me steady during my time at the public defender’s office. I learned about criminal law and the inner workings of the courthouse, and the unknown became familiar.

A couple of leaps forward landed me in Raleigh. And soon, the unknown became familiar. That’s why I am planning to attend the Paralegal Division Family Law CPE on March 23 at the Bar Center. I will admit it. The closest I have been to family court is a courtroom observation during my paralegal days. So, this seminar is pretty exciting for me.

Here are some topics that I am naturally curious about:

  • Certified family law mediator Rebecca Watts updating us on legislative news and pertinent case law.
  • Amanda Cannavo revealing the ins and outs of the N.C. Child Support Guidelines.
  • Judge Christy T. Mann outlining procedures that help us better assist the attorney and the presiding judge.

I want to learn how to create an equitable distribution spreadsheet, plus gather information on ethics and retirement benefits.

Don’t let me tell you what sounds good. Take a leap and attend on March 23.