MIP Event Recap: ¡Adelante! – Legal Blueprints for Minority Law Students

Learla, a woman with dark brown hair, wears a black dress and is smiling.By Learla Stefanics

On February 3, 2024, the Adelante event, titled “Legal Blueprints for Minority Law Students,” gathered an impressive turnout from law schools such as North Carolina Central University School of Law, Campbell Law School, and Elon University School of Law, aiming to empower law students from diverse backgrounds.

Planned by the NCBA’s Minorities in the Profession Committee’s ¡Adelante! sub-committee, co-chaired by Lakethia Jefferies and Learla Stefanics, and managed by BreAnne Shieh, the event featured four insightful panels designed to equip attendees with the necessary skills to thrive in the legal profession. Key planning members included Geneva Yourse, Preetha Rini, Jasmine McGhee, Diana Johnson, Valyce Davis, Lauren Brasil, and BreAnne VanHook.

The first panel, “Building Your Digital Blueprint,” focused on technology for law students, with speakers Catherine Sanders Reach and Kayla Britt offering valuable advice on leveraging social media and legal tech tools.

The second panel, “Paving the Path: What I Wish I Knew in Law School,” provided practical insights into internships, interviews, and workplace dynamics, moderated by Diana Johnson with contributions from Niya Fonville Swint, Sylvia Novinsky, and Sidney Minter.

“Constructing Diversity: Being Your Authentic Self,” the third panel, emphasized the importance of embracing one’s identity in the legal field. Moderated by Learla Stefanics, it featured Justice Earls, Geneva Yourse, Jocelyn Mitnaul Mallette, and Tracy Wright, who shared their experiences and strategies for maintaining authenticity while navigating professional environments.

The final panel, “Pathways for Prosperity: Show Me the Money,” moderated by Lakethia Jefferies, offered financial advice to aspiring attorneys, with insights from Judge Ashley Parker, Jessica Roman, Dr. Laketa Hawkins, and Courtney Thomas on budgeting, financial literacy and achieving a balanced career.

The event concluded with a mixer, providing networking opportunities and fostering connections between students and professionals. Attendees left with a deeper understanding of the tools and strategies needed to succeed in their legal careers, inspired by the diverse perspectives and practical advice shared throughout the day.