Benefits of Section Membership

By Erin Baker Edgar

Have you recently renewed your NCBA Membership, including all of your section memberships? During this time of social distancing and remote working, you may find it important to review the benefits of your section membership and how it can help you boost your business network and professional development.

Thanks to a recently upgraded technology platform at the NCBA, we are able to offer unique benefits and virtual events to our section members during COVID-19. With this in mind, here are three of the most important benefits to joining, or rejoining, this section.

1. Networking

The Small Firm and Technology (SFT) section provides many opportunities for networking and connection. As a member of the SFT section, you’ll receive invitations to special events, such as CLE opportunities and Lunch and Learns where you can connect with other section members who have a similar understanding of the situations facing small and solo law firms. The section’s blog is also regularly updated with relevant information as well as insights from fellow members.

2. Online Community Forum

One of the most interesting features of the NCBA’s new technology platform is the Community Forum. Remember how your inbox used to be flooded with emails from others in each section with questions about various areas of practice? This isn’t the case anymore. Each section has an online forum where you can post questions and answer questions from others.

In addition, the Community Forum contains a new library feature. Section members can post documents in the library that may be helpful to other members including section bylaws, forms, or templates typically used in certain practice areas. The forum also has a complete member directory, so you can easily find contact information to quickly connect with your fellow SFT members.

3. CLE Opportunities

The SFT section puts together CLE events for its members. Typically, the SFT section hosts one main conference-style CLE event in the spring each year as well as other opportunities throughout the year. All of these events revolve around the unique situations in ethics, business development, and technology that small and solo firms typically experience.  Section members receive information to help find solutions to problems and grow their businesses, and they also receive these CLEs at discounted prices.

These are only a few of the benefits that this section provides. We hope that as you engage with the section, you will uncover even more ways to benefit from your membership.