Small Firm & Technology Section: Welcome and Information

Brandon Huffman is a white man with brown hair. He is wearing black sqaure glasses, a pale blue shirt, and a black jacket. He is standing in the sun with a grey building behind him.By Brandon Huffman

Dear Members of the Small Firm & Technology Section:

I am so honored that you have given me the privilege to serve as chair of the section this bar year.

For those that don’t know me: I am a lawyer in Raleigh and my firm, Odin Law and Media, launched in 2017 as a solo shop. We’ve grown since, but stayed true to a niche practice vision. I’ve tried to integrate practice management and technology innovation into the practice from day one.

The SFT Section is a bit of unique fit for me because I have a small firm with both a focus in technology and an emphasis on practice management. I’m the first to admit that the SFT Section, born from the historical Solo & Small Firm Section and Law Practice Management and Technology Section is a diverse group with interests that run in a lot of directions. And, there is no substantive area of law that unites us all. That diversity is our section’s strength.

This year, as the NCBA navigates (what we hope will be) a shift from ‘pandemic’ to ‘endemic’ or something better, we will need to be flexible in our goals for the section. Right now, my hope is to focus on two things:

First, delivering value to our members. One way we will do this in this bar year is by offering more frequent scholarships and lower-priced CLE and other subsidized events.

Second, we will find a path forward for the section that learns from the best of the covid-era. For example, plotting a path to include the best parts of Zoom and remote events while maintaining or bringing back more in-person or human connections.

I hope this will go well, and I know I have a great council and leadership team supporting the section (thank you!).

I would also urge you to get involved – if you are not already – by going to the section’s web page and logging into the message board, joining a committee or just sending me an email!