Fred Morrison Retires from the Office of Administrative Hearings

Bain, a white man with white hair, wears a white shirt and black suit.By W. Bain Jones Jr.

After over fifty years of service to the State of North Carolina, Fred Morrison retired as the Senior Administrative Law Judge at the Office of Administrative Hearings. Judge Morrison has had a long and distinctive career serving the citizens of North Carolina. He is a graduate of Wake Forest School of Law, where he graduated second in his class. Afterwards, Judge Morrison served as a Solicitor in the courts in Thomasville. Governor Robert Scott selected Morrison to be his Legal Counsel and with this, Fred Morrison started his public service in Raleigh. Judge Morrison is the only individual to serve as Legal Counsel to two Governors from two different parties. When James Holshouser was elected Governor, he sought to have a smooth transition and appreciated the experience Judge Morrison brought to this position. Governor Holshouser appointed Judge Morrison, and when Holshouser left office, Morrison had several opportunities in North Carolina State Government. He chose to be Executive Director of the Inmate Grievance Commission.

Judge Morrison came to the Office of Administrative Hearings from the Inmate Grievance Commission.  He and former Chief Judge Julian Mann led the Hearing Division for over thirty years. Judge Morrison was in charge of the operations of the Hearing Division. He also developed the intern program which allowed law students from several law schools to assist with the work of Administrative Law Judges. The School of Law at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill recently honored Judge Morrison for his support of the intern program. Former Chief Justice Beasley honored Judge Morrison upon his fifty years of service to the State of North Carolina.  Judge Morrison is a prior recipient of the Administrative Law Section Award of Excellence.

We are grateful to Judge Morrison for his extensive and significant service and wish him the best in his new chapter of life.