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School’s Out for Summer! (School’s Out Forever?): Distance Learning Policies and The New Normal

By Rachel LaBruyere Over the past few weeks, parents all over the country let out a collective sigh of relief when the school year ended. They could relinquish their new duties as at-home [insert subject here] teacher. Meanwhile, college and graduate students sat for final exams remotely, shifted to pass/fail grading rubrics, and mourned lost […]

Why VPNs and Encryption Services Are Our Digital Masks and Gloves

By Jaren Butts and Nickeyea Wilkinson  Thanks to social distancing mandates, teleconference platforms have experienced a huge surge in site traffic as new users around the world participate in telehealth, telework, and many other teleservices that have now been transitioned online.[1] As virtual capabilities become more important to our daily lives than ever before, now […]