Calling for Content!

PJ Puryear

Adam Banks

Tandy Mathis

By PJ Puryear, Adam Banks, and Tandy Mathis

Since the last 27 days didn’t give you much bandwidth to absorb any more new information, you may have missed the fact that we haven’t posted any new content to the blog yet. Our goal is to have a new article up every week, so we are already behind schedule. Which is partly why we are now calling on you!

The success of this blog depends on our members sharing their knowledge and experiences, as well as upcoming opportunities and events. Posting to the Litigation Section Blog is not only a good way to make sure your colleagues are informed, but to make sure they know who you are. All of us have likely seen referrals from other counsel, and showing your knowledge here can help you with that endeavor.

We hope in 2021 that you will help us make this blog a worthwhile landing place for our section members by creating some content and posting it here. The process is simple: draft it up, send it to one of us, and along with the North Carolina Bar Association, we will do the heavy lifting to publish your work. You are also welcome to republish works that you have posted elsewhere. Generally speaking, we look for content that would be of interest to North Carolina litigators. You can email us at: [email protected].

Thank you in advance for helping us and the section! And in case you missed the best content of 2020, below is a list of our top ten posts from the calendar year.

The Top Ten Posts Published on the Litigation Section Blog in 2020

Blog Post Title Unique Pageviews
1 Ethical Considerations for North Carolina Litigators During COVID-19 779
2 A New Chief Justice Beasley Order, Session Law 2020-3, and the Court Wants Your Help! 614
3 When Is A Settlement Agreement A Final Settlement Agreement? 595
4 Update on Closures, Extensions, and Staying at Home – COVID-19 436
5 COVID-19 Update 435
6 New Order Closes State Courts Through May 1 (if not June 1) For Most Business 431
7 North Carolina Judicial Branch – Updated Emergency Order re: COVID-19 370
8 E-Discovery Pitfalls: Cell Phone Retention Settings Can Lead to Sanctions for Spoliation of Evidence 338
9 Chief Justice Further Extends Deadlines for North Carolina Court Filings, Acts, and Limitations Periods 323
10 New COVID-19 Orders from Chief Justice Beasley on Civil Court Operations 320