eCourts Training Update

By Matt Van Sickle

Hello Litigation Section Members. We have received an additional update on eCourts training and implementation.

The Administrative Office of the Courts training schedule for the eCourts program can be found here. One point of clarification since the initial announcement is that the training is available for attorneys and legal staff. There remain options for virtual and in-person training, but please note that September’s live training for Wake County will take place in new locations.

The four pilot counties for eCourts are Harnett, Johnston, Lee, and Wake, and the AOC has announced a target implementation date of October 10, 2022. Once the program is live, all attorneys will have to use the eCourts File & Serve system for filings in those counties.

In addition to the AOC’s training, on September 15, 2022, the Litigation Section is hosting a CLE, online and live in-person in Cary, that will include a one-hour presentation from the AOC concerning eCourts. We encourage our members to take advantage of both the AOC’s training and the CLE.