Power Hour: Who Needs It?

Kimberly, a Black woman with black hair and clear glasses, wears a blue blouse and jacket with sparkles and a white beaded necklace.By Kimberly M. Johnson

Is there a reason why you have not registered and viewed the latest Power Hour?

Is it the time?

It always starts at noon.

Is it the topic?

The Power Hour sessions look into an interesting array of topics. In our most recent Power Hour, Judge Dietz shared his knowledge about appellate work. Previously, Attorney Kayla Britt, our  #FairyLawMother, talked to us about LinkedIn etiquette. There have also been other Power Hour sessions about inclusion in the workplace and skills to become a better negotiator. If you have ideas for speakers or power hour sessions, you can email the NCBA Paralegal Division to submit your suggestions.

Is it the location?

All Power Hour sessions are available in a virtual space with other paralegals and students.

Is it all the things?

I know. I know. You are pulled in many directions at work: managing attorneys, legal assistants, admin staff, the copier guy, etc.; organizing workflow processes and court schedules; calming down frantic clients; and more.

It can also be that you do not have the bandwidth, or quite frankly, the energy to learn a new concept, refresh your knowledge base or engage with people you don’t even know. Each session gives you the opportunity to improve your work and become an even bigger asset to your firm.

An “In Case You Missed It” video replay is a great way to see our most recent sessions and catch your interest. You can check one out, such as the #FairyLawMother and The Art of Negotiation.

Here’s the deal: you are a paralegal of the 2000s. When you attend Power Hour sessions, you will get the opportunity to catch up with the latest trends, tools, and ethics content. You get the chance to interact with speakers and other paralegals. And you get to learn and implement new skills to better your paralegal work.

So, when the next Power Hour e-flyer is sitting in your inbox, ask yourself: who needs it?

The answer: you do.

Kimberly M. Johnson is a member of the Paralegal Division Council. She is the Chair of the Ethics Committee. She is a member of the Pro Bono and CPE Committees, along with Women in the Profession and the Elder Rights and Special Needs Committees.


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