Sports & Entertainment Law Section Articles of Interest (February 2020)

Members of the Sports & Entertainment Law (“SEL”) section found the following recent third party articles to be of potential interest to the section. Feel free to reach out to the SEL section communications chairs (Kelly Ryan and Amanda Whorton) if you would like to submit either personally written pieces or other third party articles found that would be of interest to the entire SEL section members.

XFL’s Second Act in Hands of Lawyers, With Three Running Teams

How Talent Deals Are Evolving As Studios Become Streamers

SAG-AFTRA Revealed Qualifications and Protocols for Intimacy Coordinators

AFM Unveiled a Shorter Schedule for 2020 and On

The DGA and AMPTP Set to Start Contract Negotiations First on February 10th

Italian consumer rights advocacy group Codacons threatens legal action over Marlboro sponsorship of Ferrari (F1)

NASCAR reach agreement to extend Charter agreement with existing team owners through 2024

NASCAR and Verizon announce multi-year partnership to modernize 12 NASCAR-owned tracks

MotoGP has partnered with La Liga to utilise the Spanish soccer body’s suite of anti-piracy services

NASCAR partners with US 2020 Census Bureau

NASCAR changes its Hall of Fame voting and eligibility rules

McLaren add Splunk as latest technology partner for 2020 Season

NASCAR is considering implementing new attendance standards for tracks in 2021 that they reach at least 70% capacity for a Cup Series race or face some sort of penalty.

Legal Challenges in the Games Industry in 2020

ESA launches ‘Game Generation’ campaign to promote gaming’s benefits

Steam’s year-in-review claims increased developer revenue and a rise in monthly users in 2019

Google Search Qualifies For Section 230, Whether or Not It’s a “Platform”–Chukwurah v. Google

FTC to examine every acquisition by Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft in 2010-2019 over antitrust issues

Trademark Showdown: Inter Milan and Inter Miami Battle over the Rights to “Inter”

Shia LaBeouf Walks Into a Bar . . . And Ends Up Losing an Anti-Slapp Motion

As NCAA Handwrings, Female Athletes See Opportunities From Looser Endorsement Rules