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Introducing: Annual Family Law CLE Dine-Arounds!

By Chelsea E. Gajewski  Are you attending the Annual Family Law CLE this year in Asheville? Are you looking for something fun to do that Friday night? Are you interested in meeting other family law attorneys? Do you enjoy good conversation, laughs, and delicious food? Are you curious about who Jonathan McGirt really is? Well, […]

Intersection of Military Pension Division and NC Statute

By Kris Hilscher A common challenge attorneys face in a military divorce is how the Frozen Benefit Rule (FBR) will affect pension division.[1] To avoid a call to the malpractice carrier, attorneys must understand the FBR, and when it does – and does not – apply to their case. The Frozen Benefit Rule: Is Your […]

Thank You, Pro Bono

By Elysia Prendergast-Jones  How are you giving thanks? I recently attended the lunch that honored the 2023 Branch Professional Award winner, Brian Beverly. His speech was so inspiring, particularly when he spoke about the importance of pro bono service. He mentioned how pro bono does more for the person doing than receiving. Nothing is truer. […]

Uniform Parentage Act – Feedback Needed

By Jennifer S. Tharrington  Scope of project: The Uniform Parentage Act, if passed, would revolutionize parentage law in North Carolina and provide our state with a uniform legal framework for establishing a parent-child relationship regardless of how children are conceived. The reason this matters: Currently, there is little or no law in North Carolina that allows […]

The Trail of Tracing and Transmutation

By Kristen Sherwood Have you ever had a client ask, “What happens to my inheritance if I decide to separate from my spouse?” “Is this my separate property?” “What if I used this for [insert marital purpose here]?” Clients come in with the often-googled buzzwords “comingling” and “conversion” and think that since these funds were […]

Family Law Intensive Seminar: November 2023

By Barbara Morgenstern To the best of my recollection, the first Family Law Intensive Seminar was held approximately 25 years ago. It was the brainchild of a Rocky Mount family law attorney named J. Edgar Moore. I believe the first seminar was limited to 50 people and to family law specialists or lawyers who had […]

Empower Pro Bono

By Elysia Prendergast-Jones Attorneys hold a unique power to transform the lives of many. It is often funny how lawyers are one of the top hated professions, yet most people will need an attorney at least once in their lives. We have an opportunity to show the softer and more caring side of attorneys through […]

Joining Closely Held Business Entities As Parties in Equitable Distribution Actions

By Chris Graebe Full disclosure at the outset: I’m not a family law practitioner. My practice involves a wide array of business litigation matters, including so-called “business divorce,” but never actual divorce. I will retire happily never having represented a spouse in an equitable distribution matter. However, I have represented business clients who have been […]

2023 is Not “2020, Too”

By Ketan Soni Your new chair, Jill Jackson, comes on board next week! Here’s where I started last July. Introduction After reading this post, ask yourself: “What have I done to make things better?” The answer, partially, is: “Helping clients endure through one of the most difficult times in their lives.”