Empower Pro Bono

Elysia, a woman with auburn hair and brown eyes, wears a white shirt and blue and white jacket.By Elysia Prendergast-Jones

Attorneys hold a unique power to transform the lives of many. It is often funny how lawyers are one of the top hated professions, yet most people will need an attorney at least once in their lives. We have an opportunity to show the softer and more caring side of attorneys through the power of pro bono. You can use your superpower to give back this month. Help me to empower those who simply cannot afford to ask a question that would be simple to us as attorneys. Many people are making the choice between food and bills, so attorney fees are out of their budget. This is something we can do to help empower those who need us the most.

Did you know the State Bar encourages every attorney to achieve at least 50 hours of pro bono service per year? Attorneys are also people who like accolades. Pro Bono work can offer those. Join me in adding your name to the pro bono superstar roster for 2023 by completing those hours and having another certificate to show off. “How can you fit something else into an already tight and busy schedule?” you might be wondering. I have the answer. Join our Empower Hour on October 25 at 5 p.m. and simply look through questions that you are uniquely qualified to answer and send the person a brief answer. This is such a simple opportunity to get pro bono hours from your office, car, home, or sitting at the beach with a cup of coffee.

Let’s compete with the rest of the bar and challenge each other to take a few hours to find ways to celebrate pro bono this month. There are also opportunities throughout the year to continue to celebrate pro bono. Sign up for one of my favorite days for attorneys, the 4ALL event in March. This is another short shift that is so meaningful to our community and does not demand much of your time. One of the most requested areas for help is family law. Let’s show the bar the power of family law attorneys and clear the queue of those questions. Let us all show up and empower all.