BarCARES is Here for You

By Ann Anderson

Do you need a listening ear during this time? BarCARES is here for you now and always to provide support during any difficult time. Available 24/7 via telehealth (video + audio) or telephone, BarCARES is a confidential, short-term counseling program, cost-free, for members of the NCBA and law students at participating schools.

BarCARES can help all of us as we try to manage and balance family, work, and study in the face of the unknown future. Skilled professionals available through BarCARES assist in dealing with depression, anxiety, financial concerns and marriage and family conflicts, as well as professional stressors. In these challenging and uncertain times, why not utilize a benefit of your NCBA membership and ask for guidance?

BarCARES offers one-time services consisting of three sessions to any NCBA member who resides in a non-covered BarCARES area and who has not used BarCARES before. This service is a member benefit and does not require or even utilize health insurance. BarCARES services are rendered by HRC Behavioral Health & Psychiatry PA and their subcontractors throughout the state of North Carolina. Members residing in a BarCARES covered area may be entitled to additional benefits.

The hardest part for anyone needing help is making the phone call, but now is the time to reach out. Call 1-800-640-0735 and ask for BarCARES.